Some Virtual Earth drawing tools

Johannes Kebeck, Technology Specialist for Virtual Earth, has just released some drawing tools to make it easier to add lines and shapes inside of VE. You can find them here.

It’s shame that something as simple as drawing basic shapes in still such a chore in VE — even this solution requires a bunch of code. Google Earth has them beat badly on this front, but they continue to make progress.

Update 6/14/07: These drawing tools were already in VE – they were just hard to find.  You have to “add pushpin”, and then change it to a poly.   This is simply UI tools for drawing for the dev community.


  1. Hi Mickey – THe VE API has long had the ability to draw polys. our Website has featured drawing tools since last year as well. What Johannes is supplying to the dev community here is UI tools for drawing.

  2. Thanks for the code for the drawing tool. ? I would like to save the shape in a html file so I can attach to a database of buildings. Is this possible with the code that you have provided?



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