Steve Irwin easter egg in Google Earth

Steve Irwin in Google EarthFrank at the Google Earth Blog points us to a fun little easter egg in Google Earth – Steve Irwin (the late “Crocodile Hunter”) in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

To find him, simply turn on the 3D buildings layer, search for “Sydney Opera House” and look near the water on the north side of the building.

GEB has more info and short video on how to find him.


  1. hay i am one of steves biggest fans i wish he did not dead i was hoping one day i would meat him in person that wish was ruined i want to work with crocidiles to win i go to college.

  2. Liam Stuckey says:

    You aint the only one mate, all we can do is carry his message onward and remember him for the good days, i always expect him to just appear on tv someday, and act as if nothing happened, like he always did…
    R.I.P. Stevo mate, see you on the otherside i guess

  3. Tess Montgomery says:

    I agree with u 2 an others that will probobly respond in sadness, Liam, ur absoloutly rite! Stevo one sed that if there was sumthing he wood be remembered by it wood be as a wonderful father and a wonderful conservationist. His wish came true. There are sum songs that i listen 2 on the radio and stuff and i always cry. I miss him so so so so soooooo mutch! If i cood change 1 thing in the howl world it wood be that Steve Irwin had never died. I’d rather die then him!
    R.I.P-rest in populatity and…R.I.P. rest in peace Stevo! Rest in peace!

  4. hay my name is anthony i am a really big fan of steve win i grow up i want to work with crocs jest like steve

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