Massive update to Virtual Earth imagery

It’s been more than a month since their last update, but Microsoft has just put out an insane update that measures more than 33TB!

They’ve updated:

  • 3Di/Boulder hi-res Orthos/Aerial Imagery in various places in North America (and in Saitama, Japan)
  • Obliques/Bird’s Eye for 36 locations in the US and 49 locations in Europe.
  • GloveXplorer Orthos for 13 locations in the US.
  • GeoEye Orthos for three locations in Mexico,  nine locations in Central/South America, five locations in Europe, five locations in the Middle East, 19 locations in Australia, four locations in Asia, five locations in Africa and 34 “world-wide tropical destinations”.
  • The state of Nevada had a statewide imagery update.
  • Getmapping UK Orthos in Scotland and England/Wales

You can see the detailed list in their blog, or just go explore it yourself.

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