Google Earth imagery update!

We haven’t heard anything official, but Google Earth has just received an imagery update.

Some places with updates include:

  • New York, US (Manhattan in particular, but likely more widespread)
  • Dubai
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, US

If you find others, please let us know and we’ll add to the list.  Remember, to find out if something has changed or not view it in Google Earth and Google Maps at the same time.  Google Earth has been updated, but Maps hasn’t yet.  If the images are different, then it’s new.



Update: The Google LatLong Blog has posted a short “Where In The World Is?” quiz that might help you find a few more locations.

StreetView arrives on S60 and Windows Mobile

Wow, Google is going nuts with StreetView lately.  Within the last month they’ve added support for the iPhone, revamped the web interface, introduced imagery for New Zealand, doubled the data in the US, and now they’ve brought out an updated client (version 2.3) of Google Maps Mobile for Nokia S60 (N95) and Windows Mobile phones.

In addition to StreetView, version 2.3 of GMM also brings walking directions, transit alerts, user reviews and a brand new interface.

Here is a short video of the changes, highlighted on a BlackBerry:

HUGE StreetView imagery update

Google has announced today that they’re doubling the amount of StreetView imagery in the United States.  This includes places like:

  • Memphis, TN
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Charleston, SC
  • Places in Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota and South Dakota.

There’s not a complete list of updates, but it covers a LOT of areas in the US.  Check it out and post your best finds in the Google Earth Hacks StreetView Gallery.

Google Earth plug-in finally released for Mac

Just a bit over six months since it was released for Windows, the Google Earth plug-in has been made available for the Mac.

Once you get the plug-in, there’s a lot of neat stuff you can do with it.  Some places to start:

There don’t seem to be any changes to the Windows version, and a Linux version is still in the works.  Even so, this gives a bit boost to the legitimacy of the plug-in!

StreetView bug in Chrome to be addressed soon

A StreetView glitch in Google’s Chrome browser will be fixed, based on a thread in Google Groups (reported via Search Engine Roundtable), but no timeframe is given.

If you’re using Chrome and in StreetView, toggling the left sidebar will turn the StreetView pane solid black.  You can’t escape this without refreshing the browser, which takes you back to your default view.

It’s certainly not a huge deal, but it’s one that will affect a good number of users.  It apparently happens in all versions Chrome, and I’ve confirmed it in mine (  Once I hear that it’s been If I hear that it’s been fixed, I’ll post again.

StreetView being rolled out in New Zealand

If your calendar says December 2 (as it does for a few people already), you can now check out StreetView imagery in New Zealand.  The rest of us will apparently need to wait until midnight tonight, or use a proxy server to access it (  If you’re able to see it before then, please let us know.

In the meantime, here is a quick screenshot from Mapperz.