Yahoo Go 3.0 released, with a nice version of Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Go MapAs reported by Mobileography, Yahoo has just released Yahoo! Go 3.0.  Among the many features in this new mobile suite is a pretty good version of Yahoo Maps.

In my brief testing, it seems very similar to Google Maps Mobile, though I give a slight edge to Google. Their app seems to load tiles a bit faster and it’s much smoother when moving, but they’re really very close.

I’m hoping this release forces Google to bring out more mobile products, or at least enhance their existing ones.  Google Maps Mobile is great, but certainly could be better in a few areas.

If you have a compatible phone (and if you have a non-iPhone that can access the web, you probably do), go check out Yahoo Go and leave your comments below.


  1. hey this is very good for mobile viwe

  2. its nice

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