Many layers updated in Google Earth

It’s not a much-loved imagery update, but this one is still pretty useful. This update for Google Earth/Maps includes:

  • New road data in 94 countries
  • New business listings in Russia and Brazil
  • Support for Russian Cryllic or latin translated addresses
  • New Zealand tourism layer
  • Updates to the geographic web layer, such as wikipedia and Panoramio. In addition, it appears that the Panoramio pictures will be updated daily, rather than every month or two.

More information can be found at the Google Earth Blog or the Google LatLong Blog. Here are a few photos from the LatLong Blog entry:

Google Earth New Zealand UpdateGoogle Earth Updated Roads and Panoramio


  1. I’ve been informed that the Panoramio updates do not happen daily. What they meant was that more pictures are added to Panoramio every day, which then eventually make it into Google Earth.

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