A new twist on the StreetView privacy concerns

In a classic case of the Streisand Effect, Aaron and Christine Boring have filed suit against Google for posting images of their home (which is located on private road) in StreetView.  As a result, the Smoking Gun (and other sites, like this one) have posted pictures of the residence, thus making their “private” property even more public.

The suit has some merit, as it appears Google did indeed take the photos while on private property.  However, in addition to asking for the imagery to be destroyed, they’re asking for $25,000 in damages and we can’t figure out where that number came from.  It seems a bit excessive.

The funny part is that the road number in StreetView is considerably mis-aligned on their street, making it very hard to determine which house was theirs — until now. :)


  1. George Kerr says:

    What a “Boring” couple.


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