Yahoo updates imagery for most of the United States

Not to be outdone by Google and Microsoft, Yahoo has updated their imagery for most of the United States.  While it’s still simply 2D maps, they’ve updated a ton of imagery.

Since it’s inception, Yahoo has added over 500 cities across the world, but today has seen the biggest change ever in their US data.

According to the Yahoo Local & Maps Blog, they’ve gone both wide and deep:

Going wide, we’ve made big improvements in our wall-to-wall coverage of the United States, improving our back-drop data for a number of complete states, including California, Oregon, New York, the Carolina’s, and numerous other states in the west and midwest.  State-wide, you’ll see an improvement in freshness, color and clarity.

Going deep, and I think more importantly, we’ve enabled up to 2 extra zoom levels of aerial photography and satellite imagery for the Satellite button for hundreds of cities around the US.  Not only can you see more detail, but in many places the imagery has gotten a welcomed refresh as well.

It pales in comparison to the new features that Microsoft has rolled out, but it’s nice to see them continue to press on.

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