Google Earth browser plug-in coming today

This sounds great!  Frank Taylor at the Google Earth Blog has just revealed that Google will be releasing a browser plug-in today that will essentially put Google Earth in your browser.

A few notes so far:

  • Windows only, but it should work on IE, Firefox and others.
  • Mac/Linux support coming later.
  • It’s not just Google Earth in a wrapper.  It will likely have fewer features.
  • It does include day/night, 3d models, sky mode and layers.
  • Google Earth will not need to be installed on the machine for the plug-in to work.
  • Current Google Map mashups can use this plug-in with a single line of code.

No link yet (it’s not live), but it should be available later today.

Update: Here it is!  Also, more coverage on the Google LatLong blog and Ogle Earth.


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