Google Maps API shows off vastly improved geocoding

As posted on the Google Maps API Blog, the Maps API now can geocode addresses right to the rooftop.  In particular, it will now drop the pushpin on the proper side of the street for any given location.

It seems to work quite well.  I tried a variety of addresses (family members) around the country, and it put it right on each of them.

Oddly enough, this feature isn’t in Google Maps yet.  If you search Google Maps for your address, it still shows it in the middle of the road.  Is there a logical reason to leave it that way, or do they just need to get around to adding the feature over there?


  1. The Google Maps database also has input from many users who have used the “Edit -> Move Marker” feature. I imagine they will have to integrate the new database with this user database. Also, I suspect they want to “try it out” to see what the reaction is before they put it on the main Maps database.

  2. Very good point. They’ve probably got a ton of markers that have been tweaked, so they don’t want to erase those with the new geocoding.

    I’ll be curious to see what they eventually do with it.

  3. Nope, didn’t work well for me. My address was off by several houses even though I’ve manually pinpointed my house thru the maps ‘edit’ option. Using the regular Maps site still locates it correctly though.

  4. Google Maps is licensed to use Navteq data. Google Maps API is licensed to use Teleatlas data. The rooftop data comes from the Teleatlas database. Therefore.. :)

  5. Pamela,

    Thanks for the info. That explains it.

    However, what is the purpose in using different datasets? Wouldn’t you be better off using one and then tweaking to be as accurate as possible?

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