New StreetView clone in China

City8, a Chinese StreetView-like site, boasts a total of 30 cities in their database. Their interface is not nearly as nice as Google’s, and the coverage area is hard to determine (the blue lines in StreetView are very handy), but it’s not a bad little product.

The site is only available in Chinese, but StreetViewFun reports that there will be an English version “soon”. If you just want to try out a city, here’s a decent place to start.

City8 has produced a short video to explain their product. It’s narrated in Chinese, but includes English sub-titles.


  1. Hi,
    I’m the rep from and I can speak a little English. If you have any question about, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer you guys :-)

  2. By the way, here is an English introduction about City8.

  3. That’s a nice example of streetview provided by an other company that Google! Well done guys!

  4. Finnish guy says:

    I love using this, I miss the grand city of Beijing so much. If only it worked faster and there was some way to stay in the full screen mode and at the same time display a small map, because otherwise for me to shuffle back and forth the full screen and the small screen view in order to advance a bit farther ahead takes a lot of time, because the image becomes blurry everytime you change into big screen/small screen. I just need to go forward on the same street more than two steps, I want to be able to double-click a point in the distance and run forward about five steps (not walking steps, street view steps as marked with orange circles)

    I’m just using google translator:

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