Update to the Google Earth plug-in coming this week?

Firefox 3 is set to be released tomorrow, and Mozilla is hoping for five million downloads.  My concerns had been two-fold:  Firefox 3 breaks the Google Toolbar and the Google Earth Plug-in.  However, the toolbar has been updated today to work with FF3, but what about the plug-in?

There has been no word from Google about a possible update, so maybe it’s not coming.  However, with Firefox 3 getting rave reviews, I would expect that the adoption rate will be quite high.  I would hate to see the plug-in take a bit step back by suddenly not working on millions of computers…


  1. There is just one problem with Firefox 3. The dozen or so plugins I have will no longer work. And I don’t think you can have Firefox 2 and 3 installed at the same time.

    I think I’ll wait until the plugins catch up.

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