Google Chrome and the Google Earth plug-in

As you’ve probably heard, Google released “Chrome” today, their new web browser.  Thus far, I am very impressed with it — it’s amazingly fast.

However, I can’t get it to work with the Google Earth plug-in.  Considering that the browser is based on Webkit, and Safari didn’t yet work with the plug-in, it’s not a big surprise.  Still, it’s kind of sad that Google’s product can’t work in their own browser.

Anyone found a way to make it work yet?

Update: Google confirms that it doesn’t work, but promises an update is “coming soon”.


  1. Remember…it took a few days for this plug in to work with FireFox 3.0. This was released as a beta product only a few hours ago. I also found it interesting to learn that most of the Google Teams are pretty disconnected hence why they don’t always play nicely with each other immediately after new releases.

  2. Chrome support launched today! Sorry for the wait, y’all.


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