StreetView comes to the iPhone

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the new firmware update today for the iPhone (version 2.2) includes Google StreetView.  I’m still loading the update on my phone, but I’m expecting good things.  As with Google Earth for the iPhone, I would think that the multi-touch input will work very well with StreetView.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s a quick screenshot from CrunchGear.


Update: How to access StreetView

While the implementation of StreetView on the iPhone is great (pinch, drag, etc), accessing it is a bit tricky.  To get into Streetview:

  • Drop a pin somewhere on the map, or search for a location.
  • Tap on the pin to bring up the info window.
  • Click the little red icon on the left to access StreetView.
This obviously only works for locations that have StreetView, and the phone doesn’t show you those locations.  I’d love for them to add the blue street outlines like they have on the web version of StreetView.  In any case, this is a bizarre way to have to access it, but it’s great once you get in there.


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