New Google Earth imagery

As reported by Google Earth Blog, some new imagery seems to have arrived in Google Earth.  Some of the updated areas include portions of:

  • Scotland
  • China
  • Africa
  • A few US states
  • South Korea
  • Mongolia
  • Iceland

You can get more details at GEB, and we’ll be updating this post with more locations as they become known.

Panoramio photos arrive in StreetView

panoramio-streetviewA new feature has arrived today for Google StreetView that allows you to browse Panoramio photos while in StreetView mode.  As of now, this feature is available in big cities such as New York, San Francisco, Rome, Tokyo, etc.

You don’t need to do anything special to get your photos in there.  These are taken from the same photoset as the main Panoramio photos.  Just send them your best shots and you might see them in StreetView!

Finally! The Google Earth Plug-in now works in Google Chrome

chome-ge-pluginIt was over five months ago that support for Chrome was “coming soon”, and it’s finally here — the Google Earth plug-in now works in Google Chrome.

You likely need the latest version of Chrome for it to work.  To update, just click the wrench icon and choose “About Google Chrome”.  The bottom line of that box will tell you if you’re updated or not.  It updates automatically, so you’re likely in good shape.

So far, so good.  It’s running well.  Now I have one less reason to use Firefox or IE…

Google releases “Latitude”

Google has just released a new mobile phone app called “Latitude” that helps you track down friends and family in real-time.

The app is currently available for Blackberry, S60 (Nokia N95, etc) and Windows Mobile.  An Android app will be available in the next few days and it’ll be coming to the iPhone “very soon”.

The system feels a bit similar to Yahoo’s new Fire Eagle, but with one big difference: Fire Eagle is a way to push your location publicly, while this service is for friends only.

Here is a brief video that shows how the service works:

Microsoft releases massive imagery update for Virtual Earth


Virtual Earth has been quiet lately, but Microsoft has just released a TON of new imagery for it.  No new features like Google Earth’s sweet update, and still no new 3D buildings, but the amount of imagery is quite impressive.

New Bird’s Eye imagery in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the UK and a ton of places in the US.  In addition, they’ve added a ton of High Res Othos and Satellite imagery in a wide variety of locations around the world.

Get all the details about this release here.

Google Earth 5.0 is released — WOW

Google Earth 5.0This is simply one of the biggest releases ever for Google Earth.  Some of the goodies:

  • Historical Imagery: You can now activate a slider.  I’ve seen a lot of imagery from the early 90’s, and there’s plenty from even before then.  I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the older imagery.  It’s mostly black and white, but surprisingly sharp. More: GEB | LatLong
  • Mars: Mars is now a fully rendered, 3D planet!  They use remarkably good imagery for much of it, and it even incorporates 3D terrain. More: GEB
  • 3D Ocean: This was the big selling point of 5.0 — a fully 3D ocean!  This one you just have to see to believe. More: GEB | LatLong | Google
  • Record Tour Mode: Not normal videos, but narrated walk-throughs in Google Earth.  It’s very creative and works amazingly well.  More: GEB

Enough talk.  If you haven’t seen GE 5.0 yet, then you just need to go get it and play!