Another large imagery update for Virtual Earth

Microsoft has just pushed out another large imagery update for Virtual Earth.  While it’s only 21TB (a huge number for sure, but smaller than previous releases), it adds new imagery to parts of 63 different countries.  Quite impressive!

You can view the full list of updates here.

I just wanna know when we’re gonna see more 3D cities from them.  No word on what’s going on, and they haven’t responded to my inquiries.  Strange…

StreetView now in the UK and the Netherlands

Google has just released a major update to StreetView, covering large areas in the UK and the Netherlands.


Google Maps Mania has already found a bunch of great locations.  Check them out, and then add your other finds to the GEH StreetView database.

Lots of new goodies from Google

Sorry for being so quiet lately.  I’ve got a few big projects going on and I’ve been away from the Google Earth scene for a few days.  However, things have been very active and there’s quite a lot to see!

More Historical Imagery — Google has added more historical imagery to Google Earth.  This is an awesome new feature in Google Earth 5.0, and it’s great that they’re continuing to add more data to it.

A great lesson about Google Earth imagery — Like Frank, I often talk to people that assume Google Earth imagery is real-time, or at least close to it.  As you probably know, that’s far from accurate.  It takes quite a lot of work to get imagery into Google Earth, and this article does a great job of explaining it.

StreetView is coming to Ireland — According to Silicon Republic (via StreetViewFun), Google StreetView is coming to Ireland.

Big updates to Google Mars — Oddly enough, we can’t have live imagery here on earth but now we have it on Mars!

Google Announces Bridge Modeling Competition — This will only serve to make the 3D views in Google Earth even better.

Lots of good stuff.  Go check out those articles, then fire up your copy of Google Earth and dive in!

Another big Virtual Earth imagery update

Microsoft has pushed out another big imagery update for Virtual Earth — this one with about 55TB of data.  Quite impressive!

This covers most types of imagery in many areas around the world.  A detailed list can be found here.

My question is: what’s up with the 3D cities?  They simply haven’t been adding any more.  They are awesome, they are apparently dormant, and no one can tell me what’s up.  Anyone have any idea why they’re not adding more of those?