A new StreetView-like service for Central Europe

NorcAs reported by Google Maps Mania, Norc has just launched a StreetView-like service for a handful of countries in Europe.  They use the Google Maps API to power their product, then drop in a bunch of interactive panoramic images.  You can’t move up up down streets quite as easily, but they provide small arrows in the corner to direct you to nearby paroramas, which are often just a few feet away (like StreetView).

Their current coverage includes Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.


  1. Daum communications, one of Korean potal sites, release “roadview”, streetview like service, and 50cm aerial photo service last week. Please consult http://local.daum.net/map/index.jsp. sorry for only Korean language.

  2. The Roadview is only for Seoul city, and the Skyview is for whole country.

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