Google Earth 5.0 is released — WOW

Google Earth 5.0This is simply one of the biggest releases ever for Google Earth.  Some of the goodies:

  • Historical Imagery: You can now activate a slider.  I’ve seen a lot of imagery from the early 90’s, and there’s plenty from even before then.  I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the older imagery.  It’s mostly black and white, but surprisingly sharp. More: GEB | LatLong
  • Mars: Mars is now a fully rendered, 3D planet!  They use remarkably good imagery for much of it, and it even incorporates 3D terrain. More: GEB
  • 3D Ocean: This was the big selling point of 5.0 — a fully 3D ocean!  This one you just have to see to believe. More: GEB | LatLong | Google
  • Record Tour Mode: Not normal videos, but narrated walk-throughs in Google Earth.  It’s very creative and works amazingly well.  More: GEB

Enough talk.  If you haven’t seen GE 5.0 yet, then you just need to go get it and play!


  1. Jose Cuadrado says:

    I have property in Puerto Rico. For the last 3-4 yrs I look at my area and it has not been updated. Sorry, I loose interest in your productif I am looking at data that is 6-10yrs old.

  2. Hoosier DONK says:

    I agree with you Jose, whats the point if the data is years old? At least you could update a little more often… I lost trees in the ice storm of 2009, we are now late April and my old trees are still there?



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