Another large imagery update for Virtual Earth

Microsoft has just pushed out another large imagery update for Virtual Earth.  While it’s only 21TB (a huge number for sure, but smaller than previous releases), it adds new imagery to parts of 63 different countries.  Quite impressive!

You can view the full list of updates here.

I just wanna know when we’re gonna see more 3D cities from them.  No word on what’s going on, and they haven’t responded to my inquiries.  Strange…


  1. It’s such a small data update and such a large list because it’s a bogus list. At least in Romania these are updates from January. There aren’t new updates ! I checked Virtual Earth blog for updated towns and I realized that today towns are the same with towns in the list for january update. I checked all the towns in the list to see if there are new images but they are the same.

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