Google Earth imagery update

Google has just pushed out an imagery update, though the extent of it is still unknown.  According to Google Earth Blog, the following areas have been updated:

  • United States – Broad coverage in in about a dozen states that used to have low-res imagery.
  • India – Re-colorized, so it looks much better from way up high.
  • France – Near Chateauroux.
  • Spain – Along the north coast.
  • Sweden – The entire country, it seems.
  • Morocco – “lots” of it.

Frank will be posting more updates as they’re available, so keep an eye on his post.  If you see any other updated areas, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list.


  1. please update the google earth imagery for Mapusa Goa, India. the last image is of 2003

  2. please update the google earth imagery update for village “kanana”dist.barmer,rajasthan(latitude: 25°48’19.92″N,longtude 72°24’31.02″E)
    this village not exept in google earth(not in data) please add my home village for wold view.

  3. Sir/Madam,
    Imagery date Feb26, 2007
    10*29’40.96″ N
    76*08’39.58″ E
    I have built my house in ARIMBUR, TRICHUR, KERALA, INDIA in 2008. If possible, please update.
    Thanks, Regards,
    Prakash Menon

  4. please update image of area 51, last image was 14\116

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