New imagery release for Bing Maps

Microsoft has just dropped a nice imagery update on Bing Maps, covering around 180,000 sq. km.  This update is focused heavily in Europe, in the following countries:

  • Bulgaria (1,225 sq. km)
  • Czech Republic (10,808 sq. km)
  • Estonia (1,418 sq. km)
  • Hungary (23,840 sq. km)
  • Latvia (12,763 sq. km)
  • Lithuania (9,681 sq. km)
  • Poland (24,912 sq. km)
  • Romania (24,435 sq. km)
  • Russian Federation (15,636 sq. km)
  • Slovakia (2,018 sq. km)
  • Slovenia (314 sq. km)
  • Switzerland (6,227 sq. km)
  • Turkey (45,443 sq. km)

As usual, there’s no new 3D to be found, but it looks to be a very nice update.  Be sure to check out the Bing Maps World Tour to see the full details.

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