Microsoft now deblurring imagery in Bing Maps

A few years, Microsoft Research developed a method to deblur images captured from a camera.  While it was intended for consumer photography, they’re now using it to help improve the image quality in Bing Maps.

Anything to help improve aerial image quality is a good thing, and this appears to make a noticeable difference in the image quality.

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The Google “Maps Cube” game is released

After teasing it months ago, Google has finally released the “Maps Cube” game, and it’s pretty slick.  You roll a ball through various city streets to reach various goals, and you’re timed for your effort.  It’s fairly simple, and the interface is very slick.

The game requires that you use Google Chrome, but our stats show that most of you are already. :)

You can play the game at  Have fun!

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The week in Google Earth news

Last week on Google Earth Blog we…

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Amazing new photo tours in Google Maps

Google has just added a great new feature to Google Maps called “photo tours”, which feels a lot like Microsoft’s PhotoSynth but taken to a whole new level. Here’s a video showing how they work:

To try them for yourself, check out a famous site such as Trevi Fountain or St. Mark’s Basilica.  To learn more about how these tours were created you can read this entry on the Google Lat Long Blog.

New 3D buildings in Google MapsGL

The MapsGL mode of Google Maps is continuing to improve and offer some great features, and the newest is the shaded 3D buildings that we’ve seen in standard maps for a while now. The new buildings certainly add a lot to the look of the maps, as you can see in some of these before/after shots:

Could the next step be textured buildings?  It seems unlikely at this point, but with the rate they’re adding features to MapsGL, anything is possible.

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