New imagery in Google Earth

The Google Earth Blog is reporting new imagery arriving in Google Earth.  The extent of the update isn’t yet known, but people have found new images in Argentina, Poland, Germany, Chile, France and the USA.

As with most updates, this one is live in Google Earth but not in Google Maps.  This means you can compare the two to decide if a given location is fresh or not.

Keep an eye on the GEB post for more updates as people discover other areas with new imagery.

Nessie found in Google Earth?

loch-ness-monsterThe Sun is at it again.  First they claimed to have found the lost city of Atlantis in Google Earth, now they think they’ve found the Loch Ness Monster.  Or maybe it’s a boat.

It’s obvious they’re just trying to (successfully) draw attention to their site, but they sure look stupid.  I love the response that Keir at GoogleMapsMania gave — he posted a bunch of UFOs found in StreetView, then a time traveling dinosaur! 🙂

You can view the image to the right, check it out on Google Maps, or in the Google Earth Plug-in via

A ghost town from space

Earth is Square has a neat post today about viewing Centralia, Pennsylanvia using fresh Bird’s Eye imagery on Bing Maps.  Centralia was an active town of about 1000 residents back in the early 1980’s, but now is home to only nine people.  The reason is due to an underground coal fire that’s been burning since the 60’s, and will continue burning for as many as 250 more years.

In 1984, congress provided $42 million to relocate residents out of town.  Once gone, most of the buildings were demolished.  A recent episode of Life After People (an excellent series on the History Channel) featured Centralia as an example of what happens 25 years after humans leave a city (building decay, etc).

I was hoping that Google’s Historical Imagery feature would show aerial footage from a time when the city was populated, but it only goes back to 1993.   Below are some before and after photos.  Check it out on Google Maps (with StreetView imagery) or Bing Maps to explore further.

centralia-beforeBefore the evacuation

centralia-beforeafterThen and now

centralia-ge-1993Centralia 1993, as seen in Google Earth using the Historical Imagery slider

centralia-bingCentralia today, in Bing Maps Bird’s Eye

centralia-streetviewCentralia today, in Google Maps Street View.  The fog makes it even creepier.

New StreetView and 3D cities released

helsinkiIt’s been a busy day for Google.  Earlier in the day they unveiled Helsinki, Finland in 3D, and the coverage is quite comprehensive.  Google Earth Blog has the details.

Also, as pointed out by Google Maps Mania, StreetView imagery has been released for a few countries.  This update includes a few major cities in Portugal (Porto and Lisbon), solid coverage over much of Switzerland, and also around Taipei, Taiwan.

All in all, a pretty busy day for Google!

Google Earth Imagery Update for August

niagara-fallsGoogle has just pushed out a significant imagery update for Google Earth, although the precise scope of it is not yet know.  According to the Google Earth Blog, updated countries include: China, USA, Africa, Bahamas, Italy and many others.  It seems to be quite a large update.

If you think you’ve found some updated imagery, compare the Google Earth imagery to Google Maps, as Maps is still showing the old data.  It’s a great way to know for sure if imagery in a particular area is fresh or not.

If you find any new imagery, leave a comment on the GEB post and they’ll get it listed.

Google Earth Imagery Update for May, 2009

According to the Google Earth Blog, there has been another imagery update for Google Earth.  The full list of updated areas is still coming in, but so far they’ve found updates in Scotland, Brazel, USA, Englad, Norway and Spain.

Keep an eye on the GEB post for more updates.

Google Ocean comes to the Great Lakes

great-lakesI was wondering if Google would be adding their “ocean” features to other bodies of water, and it turns out they are!  You can now dive into the five Great Lakes just as you can with the oceans.

From the LatLong Blog:

Users will be able to explore features such as the canyons and shoals in eastern Lake Superior, the Lake Michigan mid-lake reef complex, and the old river channel, now underwater, that once connected Lakes Michigan and Huron at the Straits of Mackinac.

In addition, the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory has created a narrated Google Earth tour which you can download here (KML) or view directly in your browser.

Google Earth imagery update

Google has just pushed out an imagery update, though the extent of it is still unknown.  According to Google Earth Blog, the following areas have been updated:

  • United States – Broad coverage in in about a dozen states that used to have low-res imagery.
  • India – Re-colorized, so it looks much better from way up high.
  • France – Near Chateauroux.
  • Spain – Along the north coast.
  • Sweden – The entire country, it seems.
  • Morocco – “lots” of it.

Frank will be posting more updates as they’re available, so keep an eye on his post.  If you see any other updated areas, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list.

Lots of new goodies from Google

Sorry for being so quiet lately.  I’ve got a few big projects going on and I’ve been away from the Google Earth scene for a few days.  However, things have been very active and there’s quite a lot to see!

More Historical Imagery — Google has added more historical imagery to Google Earth.  This is an awesome new feature in Google Earth 5.0, and it’s great that they’re continuing to add more data to it.

A great lesson about Google Earth imagery — Like Frank, I often talk to people that assume Google Earth imagery is real-time, or at least close to it.  As you probably know, that’s far from accurate.  It takes quite a lot of work to get imagery into Google Earth, and this article does a great job of explaining it.

StreetView is coming to Ireland — According to Silicon Republic (via StreetViewFun), Google StreetView is coming to Ireland.

Big updates to Google Mars — Oddly enough, we can’t have live imagery here on earth but now we have it on Mars!

Google Announces Bridge Modeling Competition — This will only serve to make the 3D views in Google Earth even better.

Lots of good stuff.  Go check out those articles, then fire up your copy of Google Earth and dive in!

New Google Earth imagery

As reported by Google Earth Blog, some new imagery seems to have arrived in Google Earth.  Some of the updated areas include portions of:

  • Scotland
  • China
  • Africa
  • A few US states
  • South Korea
  • Mongolia
  • Iceland

You can get more details at GEB, and we’ll be updating this post with more locations as they become known.