Google Launches Sky Online

Google has just released a version of Google Sky that can be viewed in your browser, very similar to Google Maps.

The interface is very similar to Google Maps, but with some sky-based changes. The main change is that the tools which are normally “Map”, “Satellite” and “Terrain” have now become “Backyard Astronomy”, “Infrared”, “Microwave” and “Historical”. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory.

Enough talk — go check it out! Here are some screens if you just want a quick peek:

Google SkyGoogle SkyGoogle Sky

Updates — A few other sites have more detailed reviews of this product:

New layers in Google Sky

As reported by Ogle Earth, Google Sky now has a handful of new layers. They include:

  • Featured Observatories
  • Current Sky Events
  • Education Center
  • Historical Sky Maps

Good stuff. Go check em out.

Update: Some commentary from Google Earth Blog and the official announcement from Google.