The Week in Google Earth News

Last week on Google Earth Blog we... Looked a new product that helps show you Fusion Table data on mobile devices. Got one step closer to real-time Google Earth. Congratulated PeterG and Josetxo on their "Model Your Town" Competition … [Continue reading]

The Week in Google Earth News

икона за подаръкLast week on Google Earth Blog we... Looked at ways to correct data errors in Google Earth. Showed how 360cities is now accepting non-spherical … [Continue reading]

iOS 6 dropping Google Maps for an in-house solution?


It's been rumored for a while, and we won't know for sure until this summer, but it appears that Apple is dropping Google Maps from the iPhone and iPad in favor of an in-house solution. Over the past few years Apple has purchased companies such as … [Continue reading]

Google Maps for Android updated to version 6.7; includes indoor walking directions and Google Offers


Google just pushed out a nice update to Google Maps on Android, bringing it to version 6.7.  Some of the new features include: Google Offers You can find special deals near you from Google Offers.  Here's how it works in the new Maps … [Continue reading]

The week in Google Earth news

Last week on Google Earth Blog we... Looked at ways to view the locations where UFOs have been spotted over the years. Took a look at the new "tallest building in New York", as One World Trade Center surpassed the height of the Empire State … [Continue reading]

A social network in Street View


We've seen attempts at building a social network inside of Google Earth, such as YoubeQ, and now we have one that's built entirely in Google Street View. Wallit allows you to create a virtual "wall" anywhere on earth that you'd like, which others … [Continue reading]

Microsoft now deblurring imagery in Bing Maps


A few years, Microsoft Research developed a method to deblur images captured from a camera.  While it was intended for consumer photography, they're now using it to help improve the image quality in Bing Maps. Anything to help improve aerial … [Continue reading]

The Google “Maps Cube” game is released


After teasing it months ago, Google has finally released the "Maps Cube" game, and it's pretty slick.  You roll a ball through various city streets to reach various goals, and you're timed for your effort.  It's fairly simple, and the interface is … [Continue reading]

The week in Google Earth news

Last week on Google Earth Blog we... Looked at the best ways to share your favorite locations.  There are a variety of great ways to share screenshots and KML files from Google Earth. Discovery News showed off a beautiful slideshow of photos … [Continue reading]

Amazing new photo tours in Google Maps

Google has just added a great new feature to Google Maps called "photo tours", which feels a lot like Microsoft's PhotoSynth but taken to a whole new level. Here's a video showing how they work: To try … [Continue reading]