New 3D buildings in Google MapsGL

Big Ben

The MapsGL mode of Google Maps is continuing to improve and offer some great features, and the newest is the shaded 3D buildings that we've seen in standard maps for a while now. The new buildings certainly add a lot to the look of the maps, as you … [Continue reading]

Recent posts from Google Earth Blog

Here are some of things I've recently written over on Google Earth Blog:Using Google Earth on Earth Day New Street View Imagery in Israel and Ukraine The Perpetual Ocean in Google Earth Balloon Imagery in Google Earth New Google Earth … [Continue reading]

Some updates from Bing Maps


Over the weekend, Bing Maps launched a new application in partnership with National Geographic called Global Action Atlas. The new application allows people to peer into areas where our planet needs help. The actionable themes include Conservation, … [Continue reading]

Bing Maps adds Worldwide Telescope


Last month, we showed you that amazing video of Blaise Aguera y Arcas showing off some new and upcoming features of Bing Maps.  One of those was the integration of Worldwide Telescope, which is now available.To try it out for yourself:Go … [Continue reading]

Massive update to Bing Maps


Microsoft has just released their largest update ever to Bing Maps, with more than 6.7M sq. kilometers of fresh imagery.They added a ton of new imagery in the Russian Federation, Australia, Mexico and many places in the United States.  They also … [Continue reading]

Amazing video of Bing Maps at TED

Blaise Aguera y Arcas recently shared some new Bing Maps features with the audience at TED, and he showed off some amazing stuff. The way that Flickr images (and even video) are incorporated into the StreetSide imagery using PhotoSynth technology … [Continue reading]

More aerial views; National Geographic app; Google Maps for the indoors

A few cool things to point you toward today:More Cities get "Aerial View" in Google Maps -- Portland, OR and Sacramento and Oakland, CA all have new "bird's eye" imagery from Google.National Geographic launches iPhone app -- It allows a … [Continue reading]

Bing leaves beta, adds lots of data

Lots of big stuff happening with Bing Maps lately...Vancouver and Whistler added to StreetSide: Good timing for both of this, with the Winter Olympics getting ready to start.Two big imagery releases: 274K sq/km on January 5, and another 558K … [Continue reading]

Bing releases iPhone app with nice Maps implementation


Microsoft just released the "Bing" application for iPhone and it is a solid effort.  It was voice search that is similar to the Google app, and Maps implementation that is similar to Google Maps on the phone.It's a free app, so it's certainly … [Continue reading]

MapQuest launches its own StreetView clone: “360 View”

Less than two weeks after Microsoft launched "Streetside" imagery to compete with Google's StreetView, MapQuest has done the same.  They call it "360 View", and it's remarkably similar to Microsoft and Google's offerings.Like many of the "new" … [Continue reading]