The week in Google Earth news

Last week on Google Earth Blog we…

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The week in Google Earth news

Last week on Google Earth Blog we…

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Google releases “Latitude”

Google has just released a new mobile phone app called “Latitude” that helps you track down friends and family in real-time.

The app is currently available for Blackberry, S60 (Nokia N95, etc) and Windows Mobile.  An Android app will be available in the next few days and it’ll be coming to the iPhone “very soon”.

The system feels a bit similar to Yahoo’s new Fire Eagle, but with one big difference: Fire Eagle is a way to push your location publicly, while this service is for friends only.

Here is a brief video that shows how the service works:

StreetView coming to the iPhone and to Singapore

A couple of good pieces of news for StreetView fans.  Somewhat unsurprisingly, StreetView is apparently making it’s way onto the next firmware release (v2.2) for the iPhone.  Considering it’s already on Google Maps Mobile and on Android, this wasn’t a shocker.  Still, it’s nice to know it’s coming soon.

Also, CNET is reporting that Google StreetView cars have been spotted in Singapore, and Google has confirmed that StreetView: Singapore will be here “in the coming months”.

Continuing to expand StreetView, both in terms of coverage areas and supported devices, will only serve to make it that much more useful for all of us.

Very cool augmented reality program for Android

Google Maps Mania has just highlighted Enkin, a slick new augmented reality program that is being built for the Android platform.

You’ve probably seen demos like this before, but this one sounds like it’s pretty much ready to launch.  The developers say that some Android hardware will have the necessary components built in (compass, GPS and camera), so would expect that we’ll be able to use this software later in the year!

Check out the video below for more:

Enkin from Enkin on Vimeo.

Google Earth will run on Android, Google’s mobile platform

As reported in the New York Times (and detailed on Ogle Earth), the new Google mobile platform will run Google Earth!

Stefan seems to cover the big questions that result from the article:

– Is it just on a phone, or on a larger device?
– Is it possible that the reporter is confusing Google Earth and Google Maps?

Stefan answers the questions rather well.