Various privacy complaints about StreetView in Australia

The Daily Mail has published an article today with a variety of complaints that people have aired against the new StreetView imagery in Australia.

The first one is quite interesting.  A guy lost his best friend in a boating accident, and drunk himself stupid to dull the pain.  When he got home, he collapsed on the grass and fell asleep, where Google snapped his photo.  The image has since been removed, but you can see a screencap of it here.

Others include a woman who saw her recently deceased father in front of his house (which “renews the raw loss”), and another woman that was pleased to find herself in the imagery, working hard in the garden.

StreetView is coming to Britain soon, and they’re already calling it a “gross invasion of privacy”.

Do you agree with that?  Or is it acceptable because it’s all taken from public property?

StreetView launches in Australia

As reported by Google Maps Mania, StreetView has just launched in Australia.  The coverage is quite extensive, covering the outer edge of much of the island, with solid coverage in the big cities.  For an example, check out the Sydney Opera House:

Go check it out for yourself.  If you find anything cool, submit it to the GEH StreetView gallery for everyone else to see.

Various improvements to Live Maps overseas

A handful of new features have just been rolled out for the international versions of Live Maps.

Live Search Maps China has just had a handful of additions and improvements, including:

  • Real-time Traffic in Beijing
  • Send-to-Mobile for free for local search and transit routing result
  • Transit data refresh for existing 11 cities including 3 new subway in Beijing (No.10, Airport and Olympic).
  • Expanded coverage from 11 to 31 cities.
  • Geocoding and Local Search
  • Data refresh for existing 114 cities including Olympic Venues.
  • Support city and county name geocoding for areas outside of 114-city coverage.
  • Olympic query relevance improvement
  • Local search category refinement
  • Map refresh for 10 existing major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc.
  • Expanded tile coverage for 30 more cities, totally 289 cities now.

Also, Live Search Maps Australia has been released, with data from a variety of sources.  This page has more info about that release.