New imagery in Google Earth

The Google Earth Blog is reporting new imagery arriving in Google Earth.  The extent of the update isn’t yet known, but people have found new images in Argentina, Poland, Germany, Chile, France and the USA.

As with most updates, this one is live in Google Earth but not in Google Maps.  This means you can compare the two to decide if a given location is fresh or not.

Keep an eye on the GEB post for more updates as people discover other areas with new imagery.

Google Earth Imagery Update for August

niagara-fallsGoogle has just pushed out a significant imagery update for Google Earth, although the precise scope of it is not yet know.  According to the Google Earth Blog, updated countries include: China, USA, Africa, Bahamas, Italy and many others.  It seems to be quite a large update.

If you think you’ve found some updated imagery, compare the Google Earth imagery to Google Maps, as Maps is still showing the old data.  It’s a great way to know for sure if imagery in a particular area is fresh or not.

If you find any new imagery, leave a comment on the GEB post and they’ll get it listed.