Google Earth Hacks mobile and The Amazing Race 13

A couple of fun toys for today.  I’ve created a mobile version of Google Earth Hacks, allowing you to view about 80% of the files (18,000 or so) on the go.  It works best on the iPhone, taking advantage of the built-in Google Maps, but should work on any recent phone.  Get details here, or simply visit on your phone.

Also, my wife and I are pretty big fans of The Amazing Race, so I’ve been working on a rather comprehensive mash-up for the show.  You can read about it here, view the full map here, or just play with the embedded version below.

If you’re a fan of the show, it’s a neat way to see all of the amazing places that the contestants get to travel to.

View Larger Map

10 million downloads on Google Earth Hacks

3DConnexion SpaceNavigatorThe 10 millionth file download on Google Earth Hacks is coming soon, and they’re giving away a few SpaceNavigators to celebrate.

Guess the exact date/time of the 10 millionth download and you can win.

Details about the contest can be found here, and here is where you can enter to win.

1,000 posts in GEboards

It only took a single week to have over 1,000 posts appear on GEboards.  That was quick!

Some cities are already looking nicely annotated.  How’s yours?