Explore “from cave paintings to the internet” on Google Maps

HistoryOfInformation.com has just put out a very powerful new map that lets you explore famous locations in history around the world.  You can select a category, such as “art”, “music”, “telegraph” or dozens of others, then see pins placed on the map to show noteworthy events related to that category — going back many thousands of years.


Check it out for yourself at www.historyofinformation.com/maps-simple/ or learn more about it over on Google Maps Mania.

A bunch of additions to StreetView

According to the Google Earth Blog and Google Maps Mania, a whole bunch of cities have been added to StreetView.  They include Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Prague, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver.

Check out some of the great locations that Keir has found in Canada and in Prague, and be sure to submit your new finds to the Google Earth Hacks StreetView gallery.