Google launches new StreetView site

To help people better understand how StreetView works, Google has launched a new site that has a lot of information about the service.  The site explains how they collect the imagery, how long it takes to process it, the areas of the world that are covered, etc.

It’s probably not overly exciting for most readers of this blog, but it’ll be a great place to point people that have questions about how it all works.

More details about the site can be found on the LatLong blog.

StreetView now in full-screen

Golden Gate bridge in StreetViewThis certainly makes StreetView even better — full screen mode!  When viewing anything in StreetView, simply click the small grey icon in the upper-right corner (next to the “x”) and it will go full screen.

There’s really not much else to say but go look at it yourself.  Go check out the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower (thanks GMM) or the World’s Largest Alligator.

If you’re looking for more great sights (or you want to share some you’ve found), check out the Google Earth Hacks StreetView gallery, Google Sightseeing, or StreetView Fun.

StreetView now in the UK and the Netherlands

Google has just released a major update to StreetView, covering large areas in the UK and the Netherlands.


Google Maps Mania has already found a bunch of great locations.  Check them out, and then add your other finds to the GEH StreetView database.

Lots of new goodies from Google

Sorry for being so quiet lately.  I’ve got a few big projects going on and I’ve been away from the Google Earth scene for a few days.  However, things have been very active and there’s quite a lot to see!

More Historical Imagery — Google has added more historical imagery to Google Earth.  This is an awesome new feature in Google Earth 5.0, and it’s great that they’re continuing to add more data to it.

A great lesson about Google Earth imagery — Like Frank, I often talk to people that assume Google Earth imagery is real-time, or at least close to it.  As you probably know, that’s far from accurate.  It takes quite a lot of work to get imagery into Google Earth, and this article does a great job of explaining it.

StreetView is coming to Ireland — According to Silicon Republic (via StreetViewFun), Google StreetView is coming to Ireland.

Big updates to Google Mars — Oddly enough, we can’t have live imagery here on earth but now we have it on Mars!

Google Announces Bridge Modeling Competition — This will only serve to make the 3D views in Google Earth even better.

Lots of good stuff.  Go check out those articles, then fire up your copy of Google Earth and dive in!

A new StreetView-like service for Central Europe

NorcAs reported by Google Maps Mania, Norc has just launched a StreetView-like service for a handful of countries in Europe.  They use the Google Maps API to power their product, then drop in a bunch of interactive panoramic images.  You can’t move up up down streets quite as easily, but they provide small arrows in the corner to direct you to nearby paroramas, which are often just a few feet away (like StreetView).

Their current coverage includes Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

Digital Earth products with Windows 7

I downloaded Windows 7 on my laptop tonight (dual boot with XP) and started testing the various digital earth products.  So far, so good!

Google Earth went without a hitch.  It runs very well, too!

The Google Earth plug-in worked perfectly as well.

Google Maps worked, as did StreetView.

Virtual Earth installed flawlessly and worked briefly, then locked up the PC hard.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with how these programs are working with Windows 7.  I had intended to say “this works, that doesn’t, etc”, but everything works (for the most part).  I am very impressed with Windows 7 speed-wise, too.  It’s had a few hiccups (video card didn’t want to play nice), but these apps are FLYING on this old machine.

By the time it goes gold, I expect big things out of it.

StreetView arrives on S60 and Windows Mobile

Wow, Google is going nuts with StreetView lately.  Within the last month they’ve added support for the iPhone, revamped the web interface, introduced imagery for New Zealand, doubled the data in the US, and now they’ve brought out an updated client (version 2.3) of Google Maps Mobile for Nokia S60 (N95) and Windows Mobile phones.

In addition to StreetView, version 2.3 of GMM also brings walking directions, transit alerts, user reviews and a brand new interface.

Here is a short video of the changes, highlighted on a BlackBerry:

HUGE StreetView imagery update

Google has announced today that they’re doubling the amount of StreetView imagery in the United States.  This includes places like:

  • Memphis, TN
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Charleston, SC
  • Places in Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota and South Dakota.

There’s not a complete list of updates, but it covers a LOT of areas in the US.  Check it out and post your best finds in the Google Earth Hacks StreetView Gallery.

StreetView being rolled out in New Zealand

If your calendar says December 2 (as it does for a few people already), you can now check out StreetView imagery in New Zealand.  The rest of us will apparently need to wait until midnight tonight, or use a proxy server to access it (  If you’re able to see it before then, please let us know.

In the meantime, here is a quick screenshot from Mapperz.

Major update to Google Maps, primarly with StreetView

Hot on the heels of its arrival on the iPhone, the web interface of Google Maps has just received a major overhaul.  In particular, the handling of StreetView is much different.

Google Maps Mania has a great overview of the changes, as does the video below.  Check it out!