Virtual Earth update time

Just a few days ago I mentioned that I hadn’t seen an imagery update for Virtual Earth in a while, and now we have one.

This one reportedly has a staggering 48TB worth of imagery, but doesn’t cover that many places.  The list:


  • Yakima, WA
  • Springfield, MO
  • Spokane, WA
  • Portland, ME
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Billings, MT
  • Minneapolis, MN (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Seattle, WA (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Las Vegas, NV (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Phoenix, AZ (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Tampa, Fl (UltraCam Refresh)


  • Vector overlays for Navteq and MDS data sources for orthos and Bird’s Eye
  • All mobile tiles
  • New British Isles Map style


  • Tampa, FL
Only one new 3D city?  Bummer.  I’m dying to see the country (and world) get populated with those awesome “version 2″ cities, but they really seem to be slowing down.  Hopefully they can pick up the pace and get more areas fleshed out in the near future.

Virtual Earth map control 6.2 coming in a few weeks

According to Nate Irwin, version 6.2 of the Virtual Earth map control is coming on September 22nd.  This new map control brings a lot of great features to the table, including landmark-based directions and real-time weather in 3D.

Here’s my big question, though — where’s the new imagery?  Unless I’ve missed something, they haven’t added any new imagery since July, and they haven’t updated any 3D cities since June.  I absolutely love their “version 2″ cities in 3D, and was hoping we’d see a steady stream of them.

Any idea when more might be coming our way?

The July update for Virtual Earth is out

It’s not nearly as large as some recent Virtual Earth updates, but there’s still quite a bit packed into this one.  No new 3D cities that I know of, but a bunch of new imagery.  New orthos in a handful of places in the US, all of Austria, and various cities in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.  In addition, there is new satellite and Bird’s Eye imagery for a variety of locations.

You can see the full list of updated areas here.