Japanese StreetView is facing a variety of complaints

japan-streetviewThe Japanese version of Google StreetView is facing an increasingly higher number of complaints, about a variety of topics.  Along with the usual complaints (faces, license plates), there is the issue of people using the images on secondary sites for the purposes of discrimination and bullying.

To help combat this, Google has set up a new system that makes it easier for users to report problems.  They even allow users to report problems with secondary sites, which Google will then deal with (ask for removal, legal action, etc).

The concern now is that this action might not be enough.  I guess only time will tell.

Japan is live in Streetview, too!

To go along with the Australia release that we mentioned earlier, StreetView is now available in Japan as well.

Still no official word from Google about the releases, but Google Maps Mania covers them both pretty well (list of cities, examples, etc).

Go play!