Manhattan gets a StreetView refresh

In just “a few hours” Manhattan will receive a fresh set of StreetView imagery.  I’ve checked it out, and I’m still seeing the old data.  To see which data you’re looking at head to the arch in Washington Square Park and see if it looks like this sample of the new imagery:

Based on their post, it seems that the Manhattan refresh is the only new imagery for now — no Italy or Atlanta yet. Along with fresh, sharper imagery, you’ll now be able to look upward as well.

In addition, Google has implemented some automatic face-blurring technology.  If it works as well for everyone as it does in the screenshots, it’ll be pretty nice.  It blurs the faces, but doesn’t detract too much from the imagery.

If you find anything interesting in the new imagery, be sure to submit it to Google Earth Hacks’ StreetView section.