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Various Google Earth data about Cyclone Nargis

Google has just released a layer for Google Earth which shows some data about the path of the cyclone in Myanmar, along with some maps to display the extent of the flooding. They were built by UNOSAT, an organization working to help the people of Myanmar.

Also, NASA has created a simple KML that shows a powerful satellite image of the storm as it was charging toward the coast.

Update, May 7: NASA has added an image showing the current aerial view of the country.  Extensive flooding is quite visible.  Get the file here.

Here are a few screenshots from the files:

WorldWind finally gets road data… sort of

Philadelphia in WorldWind using OpenStreetMapOne of the problems with NASA WorldWind is that it uses public domain data, and most road data isn’t public domain.  Therefore, there really isn’t any road data in the application, which makes it far less usable.

However, OpenStreetMap data is public domain, and now you get get that data into WorldWind.   It takes a few steps to get it loaded, but Earth Is Square has the details.  Hopefully they can incorporate this data into a future release of the product so that more people can take advantage of it.

Problems with World Wind servers

Daniel Baker of Bull’s Rambles reports a growing problem with NASA’s World Wind servers.

As he says, the problem “seems to be getting worse”, but NASA is aware of the issue and they’re working hard to resolve it. In the meantime, you’re advised to set up a large cache and simply be patient.