Google News now in Google Earth

About a month ago, Google added items from the New York Times to Google Earth.  Now they’ve taken it a step further by adding Google News entries as well.  This is pretty cool.

The New York Times addition was cute, but didn’t add much.  There simply aren’t enough stories to make it especially useful.  However, Google News brings in items from 4,500 new sources, so there are literally thousands of items on the map.  This is excellent, because it allows you to zoom in tight on an area, and see the latest news items from around there.

To activate this feature in your copy of Google Earth, just click on the “Gallery” category in your “Layers” tab, and check the box next to “Google News”.

The New York Times in Google Earth

Google Earth has just added a new layer into the “Geographic Web” folder for the New York Times. This layer updates automatically every 15 minutes and shows news stories on the map.

It’s not an overly exciting addition, but it adds one more bit of great info. Combine this with the Panoramio layer, the YouTube layer, the weather/traffic layers, and any other custom layers that you have, and suddenly you can get quite a lot of information about any particular area.

When I first turned on this layer, I noticed a placemark up near Traverse City, Michigan, so I went to check it out. The placemark is actually in Lake Michigan near South Manitou Island. The problem is that the story is about Bay City, Michigan, hundreds of miles away on the other side of the state. Oops!

It appears to have just been a simple error and not a major bug, as the other stories I checked seem to be placed correctly.

This certainly won’t be a major source of news for me, but it’ll be a fun little addition to have when I’m using Google Earth.