Big imagery releases for Google Earth and Bing Maps

We’ve seen a couple of big imagery releases in the past few days:

Google Earth has updated various imagery all over the world.  You can read details on the Google Earth Blog, or view this page to see the updated areas via the Google Earth Plug-in.  Here are some neat things that users have already found in the fresh imagery.

Bing Maps has updated imagery in the US, UK and Canada.  In particular, they’ve added a ton of fresh imagery in Vancouver in anticipation of the 2010 Olympics, which begin in February.  You can use the Bing Maps World Tour application to see all of the updated areas.

Fresh new imagery for Beijing

As reported by the Google Earth Blog, Beijing has just received a very fresh imagery update in preparation for the Olympics.  Google Maps is still showing the older imagery, but that will probably be updated soon.

Check it out using Google Earth, or you can view it using this EarthSwoop collection that highlights the main facilities that will be used during the game.s