Neat way to waste some time with Google Maps

Here is an interesting take on the idea behind sites like Google Earthing.  This one is called PlaceSpotting.  It shows you a zoomed in map via Google Maps and you have to figure out where it is.  A few cool things they’ve done, though:

  • You solve it by adjusting a world map (zooming, panning, etc) until it matches the clue, not just leaving a comment with your answer
  • You’re given up to four clues for each one.
  • You’re told the zoom level you need to be at.  To solve it, you only need to get the lat/lon “close”.
  • Best of all, you can create your own!

I know there are a lot of different games out there for the various digital earth products, but I couldn’t begin to summarize them all.  Instead, leave us a comment to show off some your favorites!