Google releases “Latitude”

Google has just released a new mobile phone app called “Latitude” that helps you track down friends and family in real-time.

The app is currently available for Blackberry, S60 (Nokia N95, etc) and Windows Mobile.  An Android app will be available in the next few days and it’ll be coming to the iPhone “very soon”.

The system feels a bit similar to Yahoo’s new Fire Eagle, but with one big difference: Fire Eagle is a way to push your location publicly, while this service is for friends only.

Here is a brief video that shows how the service works:

StreetView arrives on S60 and Windows Mobile

Wow, Google is going nuts with StreetView lately.  Within the last month they’ve added support for the iPhone, revamped the web interface, introduced imagery for New Zealand, doubled the data in the US, and now they’ve brought out an updated client (version 2.3) of Google Maps Mobile for Nokia S60 (N95) and Windows Mobile phones.

In addition to StreetView, version 2.3 of GMM also brings walking directions, transit alerts, user reviews and a brand new interface.

Here is a short video of the changes, highlighted on a BlackBerry: