Some new 3D goodness in Google Earth

A couple of interesting 3D updates in the past few days.

First we have the Vancouver update. They added 1400 textured 3D buildings to the city and it looks great.  According to the Google Earth Blog, they also expanded 3D coverage in New York City, Portland and Seattle.

Another post from the Google Earth Blog involves the first 3D cruise shipCarnival’s “Fascination”.

Carnival Fascination in 3D

I wouldn’t think this was especially noteworthy, but it’s the ship I was on for my honeymoon (and the only cruise I’ve taken), so I find it pretty cool that they chose that ship.

A few new 3D cities in Google Earth

As reported by the Google Earth Blog, there are a few new 3D cities in Google Earth — Pittsburgh, PA and Seattle, WA.  There may be others, but those are the two that have been found so far.

I’ll keep poking around see if any other cities have fresh 3D imagery in them.  Here’s a shot from Pittsburgh, which looks great.

StreetView released for Washington DC, Seattle and Baltimore

Very timely.  On election day here in the US, Google has released StreetView for Washington, DC, along with Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD.

The Google Earth Blog has a nice write-up about the new coverage and we’ll post our finds in the GEH StreetView database as we come across noteworthy locations.  A few already submitted include the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the White House.  Have fun!

A ton of new imagery for Virtual Earth, and a few more updated cities

To go with the new “version 2″ 3D data for Miami, Microsoft has updated Vienna and Seattle.  In addition to that, they’ve added a ton of new imagery.

I normally like to list all of the updated areas, but it’s simply too much.  You can view it all on this page.

The total amount of new imagery is reported to be around 69.2TB, which is amazing!  However, I don’t know how that number is computed.  Is that raw imagery?  Compressed?  Anyone know how that figure is derived?

In any case, it looks to be another awesome update.