Bing leaves beta, adds lots of data

Lots of big stuff happening with Bing Maps lately…

Vancouver and Whistler added to StreetSide: Good timing for both of this, with the Winter Olympics getting ready to start.

Two big imagery releases: 274K sq/km on January 5, and another 558K sq/km yesterday.  Even better, yesterday’s release was apparently just part 1 of 2, so more is coming soon.

Bing Maps is no longer “beta”: The Silverlight version of Bing Maps is slowly being rolled out as the default.  It’s starting in the US with just a few people, and slowing rolling out to everyone in the next few weeks.  We talked about this version when it first entered beta, and it’s really quite solid.

Of course, Google has been adding a ton of new stuff lately, and I’ll try to round it all up soon.  In the meantime, just check out the Google Earth Blog to stay updated.

New Google Earth imagery/3D, Bing StreetView coming soon

A couple of quick links today:

Imagery update in Google Earth: Just two weeks since their last one, Google has pushed out another imagery update.  It’s not a huge one, but it covers small parts of many countries.

New 3D imagery in Google Earth: Google has started using StreetView imagery in some cities to create lifelike facades in the downtown areas.  The result is stunning.  Check out the video below to see how it looks:

bingvan-223x300Bing “StreetView” coming soon? It looks like Microsoft may be planning to bring a StreetView-like competitor to Bing Maps.  The image on the right (via StreetViewFun) shows a Bing-labeled van driving around Vancouver gathering street-level imagery.

Considering the Winter Olympics start in Vancouver in a few months, I’d expect we’ll see the results of the imagery before then.

Big imagery releases for Google Earth and Bing Maps

We’ve seen a couple of big imagery releases in the past few days:

Google Earth has updated various imagery all over the world.  You can read details on the Google Earth Blog, or view this page to see the updated areas via the Google Earth Plug-in.  Here are some neat things that users have already found in the fresh imagery.

Bing Maps has updated imagery in the US, UK and Canada.  In particular, they’ve added a ton of fresh imagery in Vancouver in anticipation of the 2010 Olympics, which begin in February.  You can use the Bing Maps World Tour application to see all of the updated areas.

Some new 3D goodness in Google Earth

A couple of interesting 3D updates in the past few days.

First we have the Vancouver update. They added 1400 textured 3D buildings to the city and it looks great.  According to the Google Earth Blog, they also expanded 3D coverage in New York City, Portland and Seattle.

Another post from the Google Earth Blog involves the first 3D cruise shipCarnival’s “Fascination”.

Carnival Fascination in 3D

I wouldn’t think this was especially noteworthy, but it’s the ship I was on for my honeymoon (and the only cruise I’ve taken), so I find it pretty cool that they chose that ship.