Digital Earth products with Windows 7

I downloaded Windows 7 on my laptop tonight (dual boot with XP) and started testing the various digital earth products.  So far, so good!

Google Earth went without a hitch.  It runs very well, too!

The Google Earth plug-in worked perfectly as well.

Google Maps worked, as did StreetView.

Virtual Earth installed flawlessly and worked briefly, then locked up the PC hard.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with how these programs are working with Windows 7.  I had intended to say “this works, that doesn’t, etc”, but everything works (for the most part).  I am very impressed with Windows 7 speed-wise, too.  It’s had a few hiccups (video card didn’t want to play nice), but these apps are FLYING on this old machine.

By the time it goes gold, I expect big things out of it.