Google Maps now has YouTube videos

Last October, Google Earth got a new layer that showcased YouTube videos.  Starting today, those videos are now available in Google Maps as well.

When viewing an information bubble, simply click on the “Photos & Videos” tab.  More information about this release can be found on the Google LatLong blog.

YouTube videos now a layer in Google Earth

As reported by the Google Earth Blog, there is now a new layer in Google Earth for geotagged YouTube videos.  In the Windows version of GE the videos appear right in the description bubbles; in the Mac and Linux versions you get a link to view the video in a browser.

It works like most other layers – as you zoom further in, more videos appear.   To get your video to appear, simply allow embedding and map its location.  It should then appear in the next layer update, which occurs roughly once a month.

Easily embed Google Maps on your site

You can now embed a Google Map on your site in a similar manner as a YouTube video, rather than having to deal with the API.  For novice webmasters, this will likely become a very popular thing to have.

Full details and screenshots can be found on Google Maps Mania.